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Chris Mawson was educated at the Australian National University, Canberra University, Murdoch University and Curtin University of Technology.

He has worked in the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors and has been employed as an IT consultant in the government and private sectors. In 1998-89 he was a project manager for EdNA Online, the national education website/portal, and following this was webmaster at the University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), Fremantle Campus .

In 1990 Chris founded Edsite WA, a new media company specialising in web-related technology solutions, and today remains a director of the company.

Chris has been Associate Dean, School of Business (UNDA, Fremantle) for several years, and has also been Acting Dean of the School on a number of occassions.

However, good fortune allowed him to retire in December 2020.

Chris was a long standing committee member and also President of the Perth Bushwalkers Club. For several years he was a board member of the Munda Biddi Foundation. In 2012 he was a member of the Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Implementation Reference Group (a high level forum created to discuss strategic issues relating to the WABN Plan). In 2019 he became a member of the Stakeholder Reference Group for the development of the 2020-2030 WA Bushwalking and Trail Running Strategy. Throughout all these years he was also program coordinator of the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management degree at UNDA.

More recently he has also gotten into sea-kayaking.

However this blog is mostly about various bike and hiking trips he has done. And there are many others not shown here.

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